Chetown Films has worked on a variety of films.  In 2010, they won the Pocono Film Festival for "Best Documentary" for their "WHO?MAG Hip-Hop Document".  The documentary was entirely produced, directed, and edited by Rob Schwartz as well as about 90% filmed by him.  The "WHO?MAG Hip-Hop Document" was also the main feature in the "MindTV" Film Festival and the "Beyond Expectations" Film Festival.

We have worked in movies featuring Bam Margera & the late Ryan Dunn from “Jackass”, Chris Coulson from “Harry Potter”, Tony Award Winning Michael Cerveris, Robert Downey Sr., Joe Gannascoli from “The Sopranos”, Ashley C. Williams from “The Human Centipede”, Clint Howard, Lil Zane, Jwoww, Kristinia DeBarge, and many others. 



We can help you build your movie by…

  • Story boarding
  • Scriptwriting and proof-reading
  • Locations
  • asting actors and crew members
  • All pre-production
  • Filming
  • Production
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Scoring and Music Soundtrack (with national or local artists)
  • Distribution
  • Any other aspect to make your production a complete success


Rob Schwartz was also the associate producer, music supervisor, and extras casting for the Lion's Gate release of "Living Well" featuring Bam Margera and the late Ryan Dunn, both from Jackass.  The Movie also features Maxim model April Scott.  It was featured on every RED BOX across America and did astronomical numbers for Lion's Gate.
Rob was also the producer and music supervisor of the upcoming film "Errand Boys" featuring Brian Anthony Wilson (HBO's "The Wire" and Bradley Cooper's "Limitless") and Stink Fisher (from Mark Wahlburg's "Invincible").
Winner of the 2010 Pocono Mt Film Festival for "Best Documentary", "The WHO?MAG Hip-Hop Document" features over 50 of the biggest names in the history of hip-hop including DMC, Public Enemy, George Clinton, Grandmaster Caz, Sugarhill Gang, Chubb Rock, Black Sheep, Busy Bee, and many others.  This documentary was entirely directed, produced, and edited by Rob Schwartz (as well as about 90% filmed by him).
He was also the music supervisor in the award winning horror film "Down The Road" featuring Clint Howard (Ron Howard's brother).
Rob also was the Editor and the Post Production Supervisor for the new 2012 remake to Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” from First Folio Films.


Rob Schwartz was also the assistant director of the upcoming movie "Leaving Circadia" featuring Chris Coulson (Harry Potter).  Tony Award Winning Michael Cerveris, Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede), and Joseph Gannascoli (Vito The Sopranos)

Other movies Rob was involved with include "Pawns" featuring Robert Downey Sr. (actor), "The Mint" featuring Jwoww and Kristinia DeBarge (Associate Producer), "After Autumn" featuring Lil Zane (actor/songs placed), "Concealed Habitat" featuring Grammy Award Winning Doodleberg (actor), "Change the Beat" (actor), and "Root of All Evil" (actor).

Rob has also written a few scripts and can help put yours together.  At Chetown Films, we can write, produce, direct, assist, film, provide score and music, and help advertise your production.


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